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Operations manager

Operations manager

About Basis

Basis is a nonprofit applied research organization with two mutually reinforcing goals.

The first is to understand and build intelligence. This means to establish the mathematical principles of what it means to reason, to learn, to make decisions, to understand, and to explain; and to construct software that implements these principles.

The second is to advance society’s ability to solve intractable problems. This means expanding the scale, complexity, and breadth of problems that we can solve today, and even more importantly, accelerating our ability to solve problems in the future.

To achieve these goals, we’re building both a new technological foundation that draws inspiration from how humans reason, and a new kind of collaborative organization that puts human values first.

About the Role

We’re looking for an Operations Manager to be part of the founding team, who will help shape Basis’ culture and vision, and oversee day-to-day operations to keep us on track with our goals, deadlines, and budget.

This role touches upon all areas of Basis, and so we’re looking for someone who is excited to wear many hats and who can adapt dynamically to the organization’s changing needs. In other words, we promise to keep it interesting and varied!


The broad responsibilities of this role are to design, implement, and manage effective processes and practices across the organization. We will rely on you to help Basis run in a productive, organized, efficient (and fun!) manner.

More specifically, this role will include tasks like:

  • Planning and Operations: Work with the leadership team to ensure that day-to-day Basis operations are efficient and cost-effective way. Establish and track performance metrics, ensuring goals and deadlines are met on time and on budget. Help individual team members feel clear on and supported in their respective responsibilities
  • Research Administration: Assist with pre and post award research and grant administration from agencies such as NSF and DARPA
  • Research: Find high-quality and cost-effective vendors and manage those relationships. Research fundraising opportunities.
  • Internal Policy: Establish, improve and codify Basis’ internal systems, processes, and best practices, e.g. creating an employee handbook
  • HR and Immigration: Manage the recruitment of new employees locally and internationally, e.g. create job descriptions and postings, guide the interview process, work with immigration lawyers
  • Office and Events: Research office spaces and coordinate regular and one-off events
  • Administrative tasks: Schedule and take notes in meetings, book travel, create marketing material

You might be a good fit if:

  • You are an exceptionally strong writer — you write clearly and quickly
  • You have extremely strong time management and organizational skills
  • You get things done, efficiently and pragmatically
  • You have proven experience in operations management and/or project management
  • You have a meticulous eye for detail
  • You are curious and self-directed, and take initiative to learn, develop, and implement new solutions
  • You enjoy wearing multiple hats and are willing to jump into many different projects as needed
  • You are good at taming chaos and uncertainty - you’re able to simultaneously navigate ambiguity whilst continually establishing structure and order
  • You are proficient in common productivity tools, such as Excel/Sheets/Gmail/Google Calender, and easily learn new ones

The following points would be advantageous:

  • You look for opportunities to automate tasks rather than solve them manually
  • You have some programming, modeling, and/or database experience, or interest in learning
  • You are interested in science and topics around artificial intelligence and science broadly
  • You are excited about solving real-world problems and having a positive societal impact

Key Properties

  • FT/PT: We will consider both full and part time applicants.
  • Hours: Working hours will be mostly flexible — you will work towards outcomes. There are certain fixed times during the week when you will be expected to attend meetings. There will also be in-person events spanning days that you will attend.
  • Location: We will consider all applicants but prefer applicants who will be able to meet at least partially in person in the NY area.

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