Basis Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Basis Postdoctoral Fellowship offers an immersive research environment for highly qualified researchers to deepen their expertise in computational theories of intelligence, including but not limited to reasoning, learning, and decision-making. Fellows will work closely with Basis Research Scientists and partnering Principal Investigators (PIs) from academic institutions.

How it works

  • Basis Postdoctoral Fellows are jointly mentored and funded by Basis and partner PIs at academic institutions. Fellows will spend time at Basis and also in the academic PI’s lab; think of it like a jointly-advised postdoctoral position.
  • Fellows are integral members of Basis, participating in group meetings, events, on-sites, and other activities, and making contributions to the core technology through their work.
  • The fellowship is time-limited, spanning 1 to 2 years.
  • This fellowship offers a unique research experience, integrating the advantages of both academic and industry environments. Fellows have the autonomy to develop and direct their own research, while benefiting from mentorship and collaboration from both groups.
  • There are two paths to the Fellowship: apply to join an existing project, or propose something new via our open call.
    • Existing projects: Fellows are jointly employed by an established partner PI. There may be one identified PI, or a choice from a curated shortlist.
    • Open call: If selected, Fellows will work with Basis to establish a new collaboration. Applicants submit a research proposal and are encouraged to include proposed PI mentors.

Who We’re Looking For

  • Researchers holding a PhD in technical areas such as statistics, programming languages, machine learning, computational neuroscience, cognitive science, physics, or mathematics.

  • Individuals with a demonstrated track record in scientific research, which can be evidenced through publications, technical reports, or impactful software projects.

Core Responsibilities

  • Conduct independent and collaborative research within the thematic areas of Basis, focusing on computational theories of intelligence.

  • Disseminate research findings through academic publications and presentations at leading conferences.

  • Actively engage in knowledge transfer within Basis and with external partners, converting research into actionable insights and algorithms.

  • Provide mentorship to junior team members and contribute to the scientific discourse at Basis through seminars, workshops, and collaborative projects.

Role Details

  • FT/PT: This is a full-time, time-bound fellowship lasting between 1 to 2 years.

  • Location: Limited to the New York City and Boston areas; this is an in-person position.

  • Salary: $100,000 per year plus benefits.


1. How is this fellowship different from a Research Scientist position at Basis?


  • Duration: The fellowship is time-limited, usually spanning 1 to 2 years, unlike the Research Scientist roles which are permanent positions.
  • Academic Collaboration: Fellows will have co-mentorship from academic PIs.
  • Emphasis on Publication: Fellows are expected to publish their research, aligning more closely with traditional academic roles.


  • Contributions to Core Technology: Like Research Scientists, fellows are expected to contribute code to Basis core technology. Basis will support Postdoctoral scientists without extensive software engineering experience to develop these skills.
  • Research Funds: Fellows will have access to an annual allocation of research funds to be used for research expenses, skill development, conference attendance, and more.
  • Integration with the Basis community: Fellows will participate in Basis events, on-sites, and other activities, and may collaborate on other Basis projects.

2. What happens after the fellowship?

  • Postdoctoral Fellows may be offered a full-time Research Scientist position at Basis, contingent upon performance and organizational needs.

3. Should I apply to the open call position, or to an established project position?

  • Applicants may apply to both, if desired.
  • Established project calls do not require submission of a Research Plan, as they are positioned within an existing Basis research area and are already internally and/or externally funded.
  • Established project calls are likely to move faster, for the same reasons.

How to Apply

There are currently two mechanisms for applying:

1. Apply to an established project

The following calls address priority research areas with established partner PIs, and will close once filled:

2. Apply to our open call

We do not have an open call at this time.

Information for PIs

If you are interested in becoming a partner PI and co-advising a Fellow, please reach out for more details:

We ask that partner PIs:

  • Participate in scoping projects and establishing desiderata for candidates.
  • Advertise the joint position on their individual / and group website, and participate in reviewing and interviewing applicants.
  • Provide formal support and access to University resources to Fellows. The details of this support may be position-specific.